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Saigon-based Vietnamese architects Nguyen Hai Long and Tran Ngu Ngon take inspiration from nature—and even from insects. As Tropical Space Architects they create structures like their Termitary House in Danang which references the construction of termite mounds. Buildings like these use simple materials which work with the environment rather than fighting against it. And they are gaining international admirers for their work including winning the gold award for sustainability at the recent ARCASIA Awards for Architecture in Tokyo for their Terra Cotta Studio. Their Long Thanh House in Dong Nai also received an honorable mention. That’s added to previous recognition from institutions including The Friz Hoger Prize, The Architectural Review, and—fittingly—The BRICK Awards.


Cuckoo House


The Cuckoo House is a house for 4 people (parents and 2 kids) combining with a coffee shop located in Da Nang, Vietnam and designed by Tropical Space in 2018. The project is built by the local clay brick which brings a familiar feeling to the user and has the architectural shape reminding about the Cuckoo Clock


Believe it or not, this Vietnam home’s design is inspired by termites


No, we’re not kidding! Tropical Space Co. Ltd have good reason to draw insights from termites and the results are quite spectacular


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