Cuckoo House

Date 20/12/2019

The Cuckoo house includes three blocks which is connected by the buffer layers. These blocks place on another rectangular block which is function as a base. This base block is the coffee shop with the garden as outdoor area and the indoor space.

© Oki Hiroyuki​ 
© Oki Hiroyuki
© Oki Hiroyuki
© Oki Hiroyuki

 Three blocks above are separated functional spaces of the house and linked by the buffer layers which is un-fully covered.

© Oki Hiroyuki
© Oki Hiroyuki

 Block A is the master bedroom including two floors. The upper floor is the bedroom and the other one is bathroom and walk-in closet. Block B also has two floors. The upper floor is the kids’ bedroom and the bellow is the living room. Block C accommodates the kitchen and dining table.

© Oki Hiroyuki
© Oki Hiroyuki

 Like a habit, most of people’ daily activities usually take place in functional spaces, Tropical Space detaches walls which are used to defined the place and offer the buffer space to urge people leave their rooms and join together. These buffer layers can be used flexibly, connecting the indoor and the outdoor of the house which could make the family activities could be both private and open, Meanwhile, it allows the breeze go through all corners of the house and make it chill in the tropical summer.

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